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The first rule in Epic Fail is The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you want done unto you.

The second rule in Epic Fail is: No drama. We are all here to have fun, learn and grow in the game. Handle all problems at the lowest level possible, if this fails then you have some avenues to go from there. 1. have copies or screen shots of any poor sportsmanship via tells or group or guild chats. 2. Forward all these with you complaint to myself at Once I have reviewed and interviewed all involved I will make a ruling.

The third rule in Epic fail is: Have Fun, ask questions, share your knowledge.

P.S. be sure you follow all the instructions both here and the application process to be considered. Paying attention to detail goes along way and yes reading and understanding is fundamental. Be sure to send me an in game mail on Spanken as well so I know you read everything

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