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Those interested in Joining Epic fail please read the General Forum/Guild News tab/guild rules and application sections before applying to Join. Just a basic run down on our rules and what the process is for recruitment. Thanks. Happy hunting
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Dec 17, 2018 at 05:52 PM
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Howdy Failures!

With 2019 will come another attempt by me to kick start some guild activity. And by activity...I mean raids. I don't have specifics; however, you can anticipate one night dedicated to help you flag, one night dedicated for newer content and a night dedicated to some of the classic raids.

If you have suggestions please contact me here, via FB or in the game. If you want to participate, it would be helpful to give me an idea of when you are available/what dates and times work best, etc.

See ya in the game!

El Guapo.

Site Admin: Your Site Admin allows you to change settings such as your domain name, blocks layout, permissions and more. You also manage your Billing from the Site Admin to switch between our Free and Premium plans.

Theming: The Dorlum Dark theme has been applied to your site. You can select from another of our 300+ themes instead, or use our Theme Editor to be creative and design your own!

Layout: Choose which of our 70+ blocks to display on your site from the Layout tab of your Site Admin. Remove this block. Add a calendar sideblock. Add a new column on the left with a poll. Its easy, try it out!

Guild Applications: By default users must fill out an application and have it accepted to join your site. A list of open applications can be seen by clicking on the Open Apps link near the top right, and the guild application form can be customized from there also.

We hope that helps get you started, if you have any questions feel free to contact us =)